As we grow, our choice and sense of fashion keeps changing regularly. But one thing that does not change is our style. Style is very personal. It just keeps growing and gets stronger as we grow. In a sense, our style is what defines us. That is what Port Moca clothing is about. Port Moca is all about giving personality to the garment. Port Moca reflects our sense of style.
“Style is a way to say who you are without you having to speak” – Rachel Zoe.
Hi, my name is Prithvi and I own Port Moca. I have started working on Port Moca from early 2020. Before that I was an Engineer. Being decent at academics from early on made me think that it is something I was supposed to make my career out off. High school, college, masters and a job; it seemed safe and very straight forward.
Only after coming to Melbourne I got to realise that being good at something is different from being passionate about something. There is something about this city and the people here. Seeing so many people defying their odds in the pursuit of their passion gave me the courage to find my passion.
As much as I love clothing and styling, I was always a consumer. I had no idea on how the industry works from the operating side of the table. It was like going to school all over again but this time I knew what I want to learn and how badly I want it. It has been an amazing experience and am excited for what the future holds for Port Moca.
This one year has been an amazing experience. This time made me realise my strength and put my character to real test. I am very grateful and truly blessed for having the chance to pursue my passion and will always keep learning to do better. I will always make sure to take a step further after the finish line to give my best to every design I make here at Port Moca.
Every garment at Port Moca clothing is not only designed and developed with immense attention to detail, but also made to feel the luxury of the garment when it is worn. Starting from finding the most premium fabrics for every silhouette to making them in factories with years of experience and following ethical standards we do not compromise in anything. The result is a piece of clothing that is not just a luxury fashion but something way more personal and lets your style talk for you.