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Relevance | Port Moca 101

Chapter 1


There is so much chaos happening in fashion industry. Especially in Men’s Fashion. There are trends coming and going even before we can even notice them.


You see a fashion icon wearing an amazing pair of jeans or a jacket and think of buying it when it got released and you wait for the launch with so much patience and buy it with so much excitement only to know that it’s out of trend. There is so much anticipation built on every trend that the wait to own it is longer than the time the trend lasts. I am sure you have experienced this at least once. To add more frustration to it, these trends don’t come at an affordable price. The amount of time and money you spend on that garment only to realize it’s no longer relevant is not right.


This is something I dealt with a lot in the past and am sure you did too. I have heaps of clothing that I spent heaps of money on and they just sits in my wardrobe because I can’t wear them as they are “OUT OF TREND”. I am sure this is the case with you too. At the end of the day, you are left with a big hole in your pocket and a piece of garment that is not relevant anymore and most importantly the feeling of unsatisfaction.


So, when I decided to start Port Moca, the first thing I wanted to do and one thing I am strongly resonated with is to make silhouettes that can stay relevant for times to come. The first standard I set for Port Moca is “RELEVANCE”. I strongly believe in slow fashion.

Port Moca
 Collection 1 - The Entrée


Relevance is one factor based on which all my designs are evaluated right from the sketch to the release. One thing I want to do with Port Moca is to make clothing that is trend proof, that is relevant for times to come. No matter how simple or complicated the design is. Relevance is one of the foundations Port Moca stands on.


Port Moca

I want to give you the satisfaction of owning a piece of clothing that you can wear without worrying whether it is still a trend or not. Something that is a go to in your wardrobe and doesn’t take space in your wardrobe for no use. Something that gives you full satisfaction and luxury for a long long time at an affordable price. Giving you this experience is my no.1 obsession for Port Moca.


Port Moca

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