For those of you who don't know me.

Hey, I'm Rithvie. I live in Melbourne. I moved here 5 years ago to do master’s in engineering. I’ve always been interested in clothing and fashion and that interest heightened after coming to Melbourne, but I never thought I can make a career out of it. Coming from a small town I felt It’s too big of a dream to pursuit. But there is something about this city and the people. Watching so many people chasing their dreams and the lengths they are going to get there is very inspiring. This gave me that push and it made me believe I can actually do this. So, as soon as I finished my master’s I spent over a year studying on how to start a clothing line. It’s amazing how much you’ll learn in one year when you put your heart and soul.

During this one year of amazing research and learning , I got to meet and work with so many amazing people who inspired me every step of the way. I was able to find the right manufacturers, fabric suppliers and get all the technical infrastructure I needed to create the clothing line I have always envisioned. When I felt the time is right, I used my savings and started building Port Moca from scratch.This is how Port Moca started.

A little bit about myself. Combat Boots are my favourite footwear. Airforce is my favourite sneaker. I’ve a bit of a footwear collection myself. I believe Denims are the only pants. I’ve always been a flannel guy, so you gonna be seeing some mind-blowing flannels and denims that you have never seen before in the coming collections. R&B is my music anytime of the day. I'm a coffee guy. I'm attracted and interested in things that are classy over the ones that are trendy.

What I want to do with Port Moca is to create clothing that makes sense. Something that is relatable to our personality. A garment that is relevant and simple to understand. Yet, with details that are very unique which will make you stand out and let your style speak for itself.

"Taking one silhouette at a time".

Port Moca is one thing I am really proud of and it is here to last. Port Moca is not a 'BRAND'. It’s a "SENSE OF STYLE". It is one thing I truly believe in and will give all my energy and time to it. I will make sure that every design and silhouette I make at Port Moca is made with at-most respect and a keen attention to detail. Port Moca is for anyone who appreciates a quality garment.

I want to thank everyone that has been a part of this journey so far, whether it is through a purchase or following the page or liking or commenting on a post. Your support means a lot and I am relay excited for what the future holds for us all.


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